About House Chiang Rai

Founded in 2010, House Chiang Rai is your best partner when it comes down to buy or build Luxury Villas in Chiang Rai and Northern Thailand

We deliver exceptional online real estate products and services to affluent English and Thai consumers.

We are the largest and fastest growing luxury property builder in Chiang Rai

HouseChiangRai.com was launched in 2010 to fulfil the large and growing demand of Luxury pool villa properties from around the world.

We are a unique luxury villas property builder and seller that offers land for buyers to design your Luxury Villa with a Pool or other specific requests.

HouseChiangRai.com offer first class quality workmanship and a conscientious attitude towards all aspects of the work we undertake whether the project is large or small.

For more information, please contact dalenth@gmail.com