Organic Farmland for Sale/Rent

Price on call


We have several farm plots available for purchase/renting  in the Chiang Rai

(North-Thailand) area.

These plots are flat, gently sloping terrain. Ideal for to start an organic farm, orchard, or livestock operation to supply the increasing market for certified organic fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat products.

Launching a restaurant, café, or catering service focused on serving organic, locally-sourced, and plant-based menu items.

Access to nearby creeks for livestock and irrigation, and electricity also available.

Practices to build soil health and promote biodiversity, prime growing conditions with rich, loamy soil.

This area features large tracts of intact grasslands, wetlands, meadows, or other native ecosystems that have been minimally impacted by human activities.

Minimal Pollution: Air, water, and soil quality within the area are maintained at high standards, with minimal contamination or degradation from industrial, agricultural, or other human-caused sources of pollution.


Asking price: THB 8.000 per rai (1.600 sqm). Each Year

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


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